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Alton Hill -- meet TDFP’s resident Eye Candy. By day (and probably far too many nights), he is an entrepreneur, running his own digital marketing company (Evlos Digital). By night, he dreams of racing motorcycles and getting helicoptered out of obscure places that seemed like a good place to go hunting at the time. Alton’s most important job is as a husband to his wife, Heather and SuperDad to his 4 girls. Well, and being good-looking for all of you.

alton hill

John Herzog -- Born and raised in Austin, Texas, and has always had a love of business, which eventually led him to a career in Human Resources and Business Development and now podcasting (assuming y’all ever listen enough to make him some money). He splits his time between family, fishing, maybe a little more fishing, and did we mention podcasting? John handles all the production of The Deciding Factor Podcast.

Barbara Braendlein -- an author, an urban farm wife, the homeschooling mother of her four special needs kids, Barbara started out with The Deciding Factor as a guest. If you haven’t checked out her episode, “Should I Homeschool My Kids?”, you are missing out. She is known on TDFP for her relentless Option C, her smooth and sultry laugh, and her total inability to use Google Calendar.

If you would like to hear more about Barb, check out this interview she did about herself and her book.

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