Not all decisions are created equal. And that is why we offer to you The Deciding Factor Extras -- all the ridiculous questions that rattle around our Intern’s brain, answered by John, Alton, and our esteemed guests. For your listening pleasure:


  • ThinkFast: rapid fire questions and their entirely unplanned answers.

  • Would You Rather: would you rather know what this Extra is about or just listen?

  • The Odd Couple: our customized version of a well-known wedding reception game called the Shoe Game, and your opportunity to learn about our hosts, John and Alton and what makes their friendship tick,

  • He Said, She Said: the Men vs. Women edition of ThinkFast

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Image by Leonardo Corral
“There was a tinge of heavenly foolishness in… Barbara; it was one of the most surprising and delightful things about her.”


– D.E. Stevens