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Should I Write a Love Letter?

Quick disclaimer: if you are contemplating writing a love letter to an animal, a cab driver you've never met sober, or someone you are actively stalking, stop reading. This is not for you. Hop over to our blog post about Should I Commit Myself to a Mental Institution.

If you are still here, let's continue.

There are basically two possible reasons for writing a love letter.
1. To woo the object of your affection not yet won over.
2. To woo the Beloved, already won over but whom you desire to keep happy and won.

For the purposes of this discussion, let's clarify that we are not talking about a text, an email, or a skywriter. All good things in their place, but today we are talking non-digital, honest-to-goodness pen on paper (you know, that stuff they kill trees for), the sort of communication that your grandchildren could pick up and read after you're gone. Incidentally, that should hover in the back of your mind as you write -- no grandchild needs to know all the details. There is inherent romance in the written word (watch me sweep you off your feet with one pointless blog post), and it is a worthwhile endeavor to undertake -- with a few words of caution to help prepare you.

  1. Be honest... not stupid. You might admire your sweetheart's lithe frame. That is not effectively communicated through phrases like, "You are looking way less fat these days" or "I even think you're pretty in broad daylight!" Accentuate the positive, my friends, not the slightly less negative.

  2. Don't be a hero. If you honestly don't have the words you need at your disposal, for pity sake use a dictionary. Don't just guess. If you are trying to wax poetic about her alabaster brow or the Grecian curve of her neck and end up complimenting her fibula instead, it is quite likely that the only thing that will come in contact with your kisser is her fist.

  3. Anything worth doing is worth doing 8 times in a short period of time. Take the pressure off and instead of writing one Shakespeare-worthy sonnet, write a handful of lovely sticky notes and hide them to be found at random intervals throughout the day. Word to the wise: avoid putting notes inside the ice cream. There is a distinct possibility that your words will be eaten prior to being read and, amazing as this may seem, the effect is rather less romantic.

Check out The Deciding Factor Extras for more helpful tips. Send us a love letter of your own and tell us what you decided to do.
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